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Amadou Jarou Bah: The heart leads the man

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Inhalt:He was 11 years old and he told his mother “Oh mum I want to write a book one day and I believe I will with the help of god”.

Born on the journey of his family from Guinea to settle in Gambia his life is still a journey, try to settle in the Gambia and to be in touch with his heart.

The travel and hard circumstances of life left a deep impression in his heart. Every time when his heart is moving all his impression comes out onto paper. Until today there are many lyrics written from him express his love and thankfulness to God and transport the message for oneness of all peoples around the world.

Added with many beautiful pictures that give a view in his colourful and unadulterated life, the country and people around makes this book so special.

The author would like to take the reader on a journey that will touch his heart and gives a new impression of life.
Erscheinungsjahr, -ort:2014,
Bemerkung:Bei AMAZON:


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